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I produced my first CD in 1997. Nude with Guitar was a "vanity project" on which I wrote every song, played every instrument, and performed some spot vocal work. My musician circle at that time was small. With limited funds and time, a solo project was the best I could offer.

Though I’m not entirely happy with my first stab at CD production, Nude with Guitar garnered some very positive recognition and was vaunted by many music critics. The most successful tune was "Benvindo," which was used by two television programs in Australia, one of which became syndicated in Spain. At least that is how I interpret my sketchy royalty statements.

In 1999, I released Second Voice. Jazz keyboardist Elliot Levine joined me to spice up a few of the tunes. This instrumental CD included three cover songs, which helped to get me on the radar of music fans who type the familiar titles into online search engines and notice my version in the search results.

From 1999-2004 I was reasonably productive writing and recording songs. However, due to negligence on my part the master files from that time period are lost. I misplaced them and discovered the studios I used did not keep copies. The songs exist in mp3 format, but were never formally released.

The next CD, Bright Paintings, was a duo project with folk singer Doris Justis released in 2005. The songs, with the exception of two that I wrote, are covers. Doris and I performed in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area for three and a half years.

In 2008, I began working with drummer Jeff Watts and bassist Ian Michael. In early 2009 we released a live-in-the-studio instrumental CD called Closet Songs. Once again I chose to blend originals and covers.

While CDs no longer seem to be a viable comodity, I plan to continue releasing singles in digital format. Be sure to join my mailing list to hear about new material as I sneak it out.