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Backed up by Jeff Watts (drums) and Ian Michael (on bass), guitarist Pete Marinovich again proves why he’s rated one of the most inventive and gifted guitarists on the current jazz scene. Pete’s handle on jazz guitar technique has got to heard to be fully appreciated and as such, jazz lovers are strongly advised to give a listen to his 2008 Closet Songs. Marinovich made quite a few instrumental jazz guitar lovers happy with his earlier releases, such as Nude With Guitar and Second Voice and his latest, Closet Songs continues on with some tasty live in the studio jazzy instrumentals. Nothing too fancy or overworked here—just fine jazz guitar technique and interplay between three musicians with built in ESP. Case in point, on this set of mostly self-penned tracks, is Pete’s spontaneous cover of the 1965 Beatles classic “Norwegian Wood.” A song that was inventively written as a World Beat style pop number, complete with sitar arrangement—has clearly morphed nearly 45 years later into something of a jazz standard through the years. With influences such as Chet Atkins, Pat Metheny and Earl Klugh, Pete Marinovich returns in prime form on Closet Songs.

— Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000

Listening to "Bright Paintings" is like running into a longtime friend unexpectedly.

Folk News, Vol. 20, No. 2

......i love your music. it's very grounding.... love to listen, when a girl needs a little center!!!

— New York performing artist Ana Lovelis

In the spirit of acoustic guitar great Pierre Bensusan comes Maryland-based guitarist Pete Marinovich. ...Enchanting, well-played and extremely relaxing, Nude With Guitar is a great listen for fans of acoustic guitarists such as Leo Kottke. ...Just as impressive as Nude With Guitar, the all-instrumental, nine track Second Voice spotlights a number of Marinovich originals as well as covers of The Beatles and the Jerry Jeff Walker classic "Mr. Bojangles". Jazzy playing with just the right amount of classical, Flamenco and folk guitar touches...

Twentieth Century Guitar Magazine

Pete Marinovich's fluid guitar playing is a virtual melting pot of musical styles. A slight hint of folk here, flamenco touches there. A bit of jazz noodling here, and a neat little blues lick way over there. All the while, Marinovich's virtuosity never overshadows the sonic beauty that a lone acoustic guitar possesses. Nor does it take away from the musicality of his original compositions. Both "Benvindo" and "Falling Fast" find Marinovich sneaking in liquid bursts of melody in between some pretty nifty fretwork.

— Review of "Nude with Guitar" by Pat Berkery, CDNow

"Pete Marinovich’s command of the guitar continues to astound me. The emotions he elicits from the instrument not only attest to his command of the instrument but hint at years of personal sacrifice that carry over into his music. This can not be faked. No way can this be faked."

— Pete Maizitis, New Age artist

Congratulations for your beautiful and touching music!

— Rogerio Dec, Curitiba, Brazil

Guitarist, Pete Marinovich, offers up nine relaxing and mello guitar instrumentals on his debut CD, Nude with Guitar. Switching from style to strings, jazz to classical, steel to nylon, Marinovich paints a picture with his laid-back style and interesting compositions. Particular highlights include; "Meg", mp3'd here; "Mr. Mousevich Comes Home"; and "Tangled Web" - each with some wonderful single line moments during Marinovich's solos and particularly cool comping style. Marinovich is an accomplished guitarist with years of professional performing under his belt - Nude with Guitar is a testament to his years of study and is a great relaxing addition to any music lovers collection.

— earBuzz.com

...As I write this, I am listening to your mp3 of "Meg". I must say your playing and composition are absolutely wonderful. Your understanding of melody allows you to create stunningly beautiful passages without sounding "flashy". What you play means something, rather than the usual "fastscales" employed by so many guitarists. I truly am enjoying your music...

— Nate Najar of 5th Avenue Junction

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